Colliers chauffants à isolation minérale

Our plate flanged heaters are easy to install and maintain. These flanged heater products are designed for heating heat transfer fluids, medium and lightweight oils and water in tanks and pressure vessels. Plate flanged heaters are ideal for applications requiring low to medium wattage requirements. Our plate flanged heaters are made with WATROD tubular elements that are brazed or welded to the flange. Stock plate flanged heaters are supplied with general purpose or moisture-resistant terminal enclosures.

A thin layer of high thermal conductive MI material electrically insulates the element wire from the inside diameter of the heater sheath. The result is more efficient heat transfer, which lowers element wire temperatures and increases heater life.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters  Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters

Features & Benefits

High thermal conductivity of MI and low mass construction provides rapid response to temperature control and avoids thermal lag.

Operating temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C) allows safe melting of resins such as PEEK™, Teflon®, Ultem® and Zytel®.

Higher watt densities contribute to faster heat-up and throughput for increased productivity.

Stainless steel cover and side fold design resists contamination from overflow of plastic or other free-flowing materials.

Attached clamp bars eliminates cumbersome clamping straps, making installation easier.

Performance Capabilities

Heater operating temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C).

Watt densities up to 100 W/in2 (15.5 W/cm2 )available on large diameter barrel bands.

Maximum voltage up to 480V.

Applications and Technical Data

General Limitations

  • Maximum width of 1 in. (25 mm) diameter heater is 11/2 in. wide (38 mm)
  • Maximum heater width: 2x heater diameter
  • Minimum I.D. for Type B, C, E and H leads: 1 in. (25 mm)
  • Minimum I.D. for Type B—90° leads: 11/8 in. (29 mm)
  • Maximum lead amperes: 12.5A per pair
  • SLE maximum: 17.0A
  • Maximum amperes (post terminals): 30A per pair
  • Minimum diameter and width for SLE: 4 in. x 11/2 in. (102 x 38 mm) width
  • 90° leads not available over 250VAC
  • Minimum I.D. for post terminals: 11/4 in. (32 mm)


  • ≤ 3 in. = 1/8 in. nominal
  • 3 in. ≤ 6 in. = 1/4 in. nominal ±1/8 in.
  • 6 in. ≤14 in. = 3/8 in. nominal ±1/8 in.
  • >14 in. = 1/2 in. nominal ±1/4 in.