Calefactores tubulares

Single- and double-ended tubular heaters lend themselves to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. They have a variety of mounting and termination options that make them ideal for industrial applications. Our tubular heaters are UL® and CSA component recognized up to 240V.

FIREBAR® Single/Double-Ended Heaters

Unique Flat Surface Geometry Packs More Power in Shorter Elements and Assemblies

Tubular Heaters

High-Temperature Tubular Heaters

Ideal for Process Air Heating Applications Requiring High Temperature

Tubular Heaters

Milled Groove Tubular Heaters

Precision Formed to Your Hot Runner Mold Applications

Tubular Heaters


Multiple Coils and Thermocouples Packaged in One Sheath for Quick Installation

Tubular Heaters

WATROD™ Tubular Heaters

Fits Virtually Entire Range of Immersion and Air Heating Applications

Tubular Heaters

FINBAR™ Single- Ended Heaters

Designed to Improve Heat Transfer to the Air

Tubular Heaters