Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters

The MI (mineral insulated) strip heater is a thin, responsive heater that uses the most advanced heater construction techniques. A nickel-chromium element wire is embedded in Watlow’s exclusive mineral insulation material, which has a much higher thermal conductivity than the mica and hard ceramic insulators used in conventional heaters. This thin layer of insulation brings the element wire closer to the heater sheath. The result is heat flows easily from the element wire to the sheath allowing the wire to run cooler than conventional heaters and increasing heater life.

 Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters

Technical specifications
Mineral Insulated Strip Heater

MaterialMaximum Operating TemperaturesMaximum Watt Densities
304 Stainless Steel1400 F° | 760 C°140 W/in2 | 21.7 W/cm2

Features & Benefits

  • Higher watt densities than any other strip heater for faster heat-up
  • Provides faster heat up.
  • Exclusive mineral insulation combines dielectric strength and superior thermal conductivity
  • Transfers heat rapidly to the sheath
  • 304 stainless steel sheath maintains the high compaction of mineral insulation
  • Produces a rigid heater

UL® component recognition for most 240VAC or less designs.

480VAC maximum voltage.

Typical Applications

  • Solder pins
  • Zinc die-casting equipment
  • Die and mold heating
  • High-temperature resins
  • Tank and platen heating
  • Ovens
  • Packaging equipment
  • Semiconductor chamber heating


Thermocouple Pocket

A thermocouple pocket welded to the back surface accepts a 0.063 in. (1.6 mm) diameter thermocouple.
This option provides accurate temperature sensing and easy thermocouple replacement. Thermocouple not included.


Ceramic Terminal Covers

Ceramic terminal covers offer a convenient and economic method to insulate post terminals. They are sized for standard length posts with 10-24 screw thread size, supplied as an accessory item and shipped separately. Specify Z4918 and quantity.